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Ninja Fitness is a real-life exercise and workout based game that brings motivation through leveling up a 3D ninja character designed by you. Once designed, your ninja will be following the legendary and often times hilarious Grandmaster Old Beard as he shows you the way of the fit ninja. All the workouts used in Ninja Fitness are bodyweight only and don’t require any equipment at all to be done. All you’ll need is your body and some ninja motivation!

Your ninja has 4 skills that need to be leveled up to get higher ninja belts and to get more of the coveted ninja stars. Ninja stars can be traded in for harder workouts, better outfits, and awesome ninja weapons.

Strength: The strength workouts are upper body focused and consist of exercises like pushups, situps, and burpees. These workouts will give you that sculpted upper body you’re looking for along with a rock solid core that’ll make other ninja’s jealous.

Agility: The agility workouts are mainly lower body and will have you doing moves like lunges, squats, and jumps to improve your leg strength and explosiveness. If you’re looking for strong and powerful legs these workouts will get you there.

Endurance: The endurance runs utilized will have you getting outside or on the treadmill to build up your running speed and distance. The runs use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a way to melt off the fat and build up your cardiovascular strength.

Zen: Every ninja needs a limber body and a clear mind so these workouts consist of many stretching movements and even meditation. These are great routines to rise out of bed with or used to unwind with before bed. You’ll grow to love these after an intense strength or agility day!

Behind the Game

Behind the game Ninja Fitness is a well rounded functional fitness app which starts out at a beginner level and progressively becomes more advanced as you and your character level up. Every exercise and stretching movement is explained in a real-life video where a trainer will explain how to perform the movement with perfect form. No other app out there is combining strength training, running, and stretching into one cohesive routine that grows with you as you get better at each individual skill.

Ninja Fitness will keep you motivated with it’s fun, game-like atmosphere, but the real goal is to get you into great shape and the program behind it will.


Ninja Fitness has a large variety of different exercises and stretches that are used within each skill. These are a listing of these different exercises with a link to the video that describes them:

Alternate Heel Touchers
Bicycle Kicks
Bird Dogs
Crunches – Cross Body
Crunches – Reverse
Dead Bugs
Kneeling Kickbacks
Leg Pull Ins
Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers – Plank
Pushups – Clapping
Pushups – Incline
Pushups – Military
Pushups – Modified
Pushups – Side Plank
Pushups – Spiderman
Pushups – Wall
Russian Twist
Broad Jumps
Calf Raises
Clockwork Jumps
High Knees
Lunges – Side
Slalom Jumps
Split Jumps
Squat Thrusts
Squats – Jump
Squats – Sumo
Sumo Squats
Tuck Jumps
Back Arch
Back Slump
Bicep Stretch – Left Arm
Bicep Stretch – Right Arm
Chest Stretch
Child's Pose
Cross Body – Left Arm
Cross Body – Right Arm
Downward Dog
Flat Back
Hands to Feet
Hip Flexor Stretch – Left Leg
Hip Flexor Stretch – Right Leg
Lying Glute Stretch – Left Leg
Lying Glute Stretch – Right Leg
Neck Stretch – Back
Neck Stretch – Front
Neck Stretch – Left Side
Neck Stretch – Right Side
Overhead Stretch
Seated Forward Bend
Seated Quad Stretch
Spine Stretch – Left Side
Spine Stretch – Right Side
Standing Quad Stretch – Left Leg
Standing Quad Stretch – Right Leg
Standing V
Standing V – Left Leg
Standing V – Right Leg
Tricep Stretch – Left Arm
Tricep Stretch – Right Arm
Upward Dog

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